Young ASEAN Storyteller Project

Seventh ASEAN HeritageParks Conference(Indonesia)

Cultural Night withASEAN Youths

Young ASEAN Storytellers

I am a Young ASEAN Storyteller and
I captured " Life in and around Inlay Lake " Photo Story. I attended Seventh ASEAN Heritage Parks Conference in Indonesia as a Myanmar Young ASEAN Storyteller representative.


Young Volunteers Project

             The COVID-19 pandemic has been an incredibly difficult time for people around the world. During this trying period, volunteers have stepped up to help those in need and photographers have captured powerful images of resilience. From healthcare workers on the front lines to essential workers keeping society running, these brave individuals deserve our gratitude and admiration. Photography can be a powerful tool for documenting history as well as inspiring hope during dark times like these. We should all take a moment to recognize the hard work of volunteers and photographers who are making a difference during this crisis.

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